once upon a time,

The Future



creativity is a magical gift that humanity has and to me, it has always felt a little under-appreciated. It has a niche and feels stuck in it - why? 

all things are creative, and everyone a creator.

Education of it - is what we feel is lacking, I am a believer. We feel that art cannot be taught but it can be honed. We believe that everyone is a creator waiting to break through the shell of ignorance. 

The idea began from this thought and we decided to one day, when we can, open a school run by creators, for creators, funded by creations. Unique not really - just a little comfortable. 

then one day,

well, the school is a dream soon to become a reality - but for now, we have created this platform where artists can come together. we tried to define art - failing which, we created this site with tens of sections in an attempt to cover all things creative. 

we believe everything is art, and everyone is an artist.